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Soderquist Culture Survey

Every organization has a culture—whether orchestrated by its leaders or not.


The collective personality of an organization is evident in the way people behave. Culture is at work influencing your people and their productivity, your products and services, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Watch the video featuring Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, as he shares why culture was the key to their bottom line performance.

The Soderquist Center's Culture Survey is designed to assess the health of your organization's culture. It is to be taken by the entire organization (or team, depending on scope of objective). Questions target how culture happens, giving your leaders practical insights into how to directly shape and enhance the culture in ways that develop performance and produce business outcomes.

Step 1: The Culture Survey is deployed to your organization. Meaningful data and insights are collected to initiate deeper conversations about culture.


Step 2: We meet with your CEO/leader to discuss the survey results, and next steps for him/her as a leader and for the organization.


Step 3: Based on your survey results, we will guide you in the next step, such as a Leadership Alignment Session around Culture, an organization-wide Culture Summit, or a number of other available options.





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